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Our PTA is an association of parents and teachers working together to improve, enrich and augment the educational experience of all students at UBE.

Our general meetings will be held before school 7:30 - 8:30 am in the Media Center. Childcare and a light breakfast will be provided.


Student Advocacy
The main goal of the PTA is to look out for the best interests of our children, the students of Upper Blue Elementary.  The PTA acts as an advocate for our student's needs, be they educational, safety-related, political, social, recreational or other.  At this time, the primary advocacy projects of the PTA are listed below.  Others may develop over the course of the year and will be discussed in the PTA and school newsletters.

* Continued support of character & team building programs such as the 4th grade High Trails camp and the 5th-grade class trip.

* Continued support for academic programs, including  Math, Writing and Science materials, and PYP.  Some funding benefits specific grades, while others impact the whole school.

* Classroom and teacher support including supplies, professional development, and appreciation.


School and Teacher support
Much of what the PTA does is work to raise the money necessary to provide a variety of broad-based student needs, school equipment and material shortfalls and supplementary teaching tools.  The PTA works closely with the UBE faculty to identify these needs.


 Community Support / Enrichment
Several of our events serve not only to raise money but to create FUN, FAMILY activities that support the sense of community within our school.  Those events are:


Ø Kid's Night Out

Ø  Earth Day Celebration

Ø  Bingo Night

Ø Evening with the Arts 

The PTA supports activities that encourage children and families of the school to look outside of themselves to the larger community and find ways to give something back.  Opportunities include:

Ø  Staff & Volunteer appreciation lunches

Upper Blue has focused on the arts, to allow students and their families an avenue to showcase their artistic talents in several ways.  By donating artwork and participating in the following programs, they learn how to express themselves and be part of our caring community:

Ø  PTA Reflections Arts Program

Ø  “Evening with the Arts” Student Art Contest

Our PTA continues to champion the importance of parent/family involvement, safe and nurturing environments, and proper funding, curriculum, and leadership at UBE.

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Board and Chairpersons
2014-15 PTA Board

President: Zoe Reed
Vice-President: Wendy Frazier
Secretary: Anto Butler
Treasurer: Naomi McMahon
Social Media Coordinator: Naomi McMahon
Teacher Liaison: Naomi McMahon
Teacher Liaison: Kerry Bergstrom